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You agree the following Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) will apply when you request Tailor-Made Tours (Europe) Limited to book any accommodation, excursions, activities, services and /or tours for you.


  1. It is your responsibility to check that the details in the programme from TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) are those that you requested and to advise them immediately if any corrections are required.

  2. By agreeing to these T&Cs you confirm your acceptance of the programme sent to you by TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) and agree that TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) may book any of the accommodation, excursions, activities, services and/or tours detailed to you in the programme.

  3. You are responsible for all costs, expenses or charges arising from any requests made by you and which are subsequently incurred by TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) (subject to the Clauses below).

  4. Luggage is at "owners" risk throughout the tour.

  5. Services booked through Tailor-Made Tours (Europe) are not to be paid direct to suppliers by you the operator, nor by your clients, and you as the operator should instruct their clients accordingly.

  6. It is your responsibility to give clear instructions regarding immigration formalities and to ensure that clients hold a valid passport or visitors identity card for a stay of less than three months.


Payment Terms

  1. A non-refundable deposit of 10% of the total costs detailed in the programme (or as agreed with TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE)) will be due & payable up to the period 3 months prior to your arrival date.

  2. If you confirm your acceptance of the programme at any time during the 3 month period prior to your arrival date a non refundable deposit of 10% of the total costs detailed in the programme (or as agreed with TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE)) will be due and payable within 2 weeks of you signing these T&Cs.

  3. Clients with who have a credit agreement with TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) will not be required to pre pay the appropriate deposit however will still be liable for any cancellation charges as detailed within.

  4. In any event the full balance of the total costs detailed in the proposed programme will be due and payable by you 6 weeks prior to your arrival date.

  5. Failure to make payment on any of the above specified dates may lead to TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) cancelling all or part of your programme.

  6. You agree that a final invoice from TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) detailing any reasonable and directly attributable additional costs incurred during the programme may be sent to you after the group’s departure date and will be paid within 2 weeks of the date detailed on that invoice.

  7. Certain suppliers and third parties involved in your programme may require deposits prior to your arrival date. TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) will advise you of the amount of deposit required and the date for payment. If payment is not made when requested by TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) then you acknowledge these services may not be available

  8. Special services (e.g. entrance to events) will not be obtained without full prior payment in advance from you the operator, such payment being non-refundable in the event of cancellation. 

  9. All other services for individual bookings are payable in full in advance not less than 21 days before arrival unless you have agreed deposit arrangements or have applied for, and been granted , credit facilities for which a bankers' reference or guarantee will be required. 

  10. Payment can either be made by (1) cheque from

       a UK Bank, (2) bank transfer. All payments are

       to be made in UK Pounds Sterling only.

Bank Details

  1. Payment by Bank transfer should be sent to

       Bank:                     HSBC BANK PLC

                                      141 HIGH ST,

                                      Beckenham, Kent, BR3 1BX

                                      England, UK;                                    ; 

Account Name:          Tailor-Made Tours (Europe) Limited;

Sort code:                    40-05-35 

Account Number:      11147994

  1. Payment by cheque or bank transfer should be made payable “Tailor-Made Tours (Europe) Limited.”

  2. All Bank charges in relation to your payment to TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) are and remain payable by you.

  3. In the event these are not paid TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) reserve the right to send a further invoice to you detailing the unpaid Bank charges. Within 14 days receipt of the further invoice payment of the full amount must be made by you.

  4. Please ensure our invoice number is given with all payments.

  5. Interest will be charged at 3% per month on overdue accounts.

  6. Government Value Added Tax is included at the current rate of 20%, final invoices will reflect any variation to the level of this tax.


  1. Cancellations of any or part of your bookings will be charged by TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) to you at the following rates based on the total value for each person cancelled:

       90 days – 30 days before arrival                30 %

       29 days – 15 days before arrival                 75 %

       14 days – 8 days before arrival                 100 %

       7 days – 0 hours (‘no-show’)                     100 %

   2. The cancellation charges above may vary

       depending on individual terms of the hotels, venues

       and suppliers detailed in your programme. You

       acknowledge that additional cancellation charges

       may be incurred by TAILOR-MADE TOURS

       (EUROPE) and you shall be liable for these. 


Force Majeure

Neither TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) nor its suppliers can be held responsible should any bookings be cancelled or amended due to circumstances out with its control.


Distribution and Publication of Programmes

  1. Tailor-Made Tours (Europe) Limited is a wholesaler to the trade whose programmes are sold to Tour Operators and Travel Agents (“operators”).

  2. All operators are free to publish our tours in their programmes and provide their own travel arrangements to and from the UK & Ireland.

  3. It is the Operator’s responsibility to give their clients clear instructions concerning their travel arrangements to and from the UK and Ireland, and any expenses resulting from incorrect information given to clients in this connection will be borne by the operator.



TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to you due to or arising from any acts of omission by the persons, firms or companies who are booked for you as detailed in the programme; nor shall TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) be liable for any loss of profit or consequential loss or damage to you due to or arising from the negligence of TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) or its servants, agents or sub-contractors.  TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE) reserves the right to alter itineraries in any way and for whatever reason or to vary hotel accommodation.  In this latter case, alternative accommodation or equivalent standard will be obtained wherever possible.  In the event of this not being possible, acceptance by you the operator of the alternative accommodation offered will impose no liability on  TAILOR-MADE TOURS (EUROPE).  Tailor-Made Tours (Europe) behält sich das Recht vor die angebotenen Leistungen falls nötig zu ändern. 


Kunden sollten sicherstellen dass Sie ausreichend versichert sind sobald die Reisearrangements bestätigt sind.

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