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State-of-the-art, multi-language city-mapping and self-guided sightseeing experience
VOX City Guide  

Vox City Guide is a state-of-the-art, multi-language city-mapping and self-guided sightseeing experience, with audio commentary and stories from local experts. Visitors will enjoy personal insights to hundreds of points of interest, local attractions and hidden gems. Vox City allows personal pins, so they never get lost, and gives advice on the best photo locations and Wi-Fi hotspots. Advanced navigation includes routes by public transport and walking tours, and it works offline, which means no roaming charges for your client.

OUR TIP: Enjoy The Smart Solution
  • Get familiar with hundreds of famous sights

  • Travel on the best bus, tram and river routes

  • Hop-on/hop-off with complete flexibility

  • Enjoy walking itineraries anytime

  • Learn fascinating stories from local experts

  • Never miss a thing with auto-play function

  • Create your own personal points of interest

  • Avoid roaming with offline functionality

  • Always geo-located so you'll never get lost

  • Use it on any Apple or Android mobile device

  • Find the best photo locations & free WiFi hotspots

  • Appreciate private audio in your own language

Great User Experience:

Vox has developed a number of powerful audio guiding and destination applications for smart devices, that enable travellers to personalise their vacation, and explore venues and destinations in their ‘downtime’, without ever getting lost or losing touch with their travel organiser.


Tour Guide System features:
  • Crystal clear audio quality

  • Unbeatable range and 40 hour continuous usage

  • Reliable pairing every time

  • Multi-channel streaming

  • On demand long-term and short term rentals

  • Free worldwide shipping

  • Guaranteed on-time logistics

  • 24/7 customer care

  • Eco sustainable and recyclable cases with reusable handles

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