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Whether it is a commercial account, professional body, trade association or group of amateur enthusiasts, Tailor-Made Tours has gained the respect of many overseas partners because we know that detailed research is the key element in preparing any special interest, incentive or study programme.  Our Operations team have built a wealth of experience and knowledge over the years on a range of special interest tours for leisure or business groups.  We can plan itineraries to include special visits, technical tours and specialist guide services.  

Here are a few example programmes.



This tour will allow its participants the excellent opportunity of seeing first hand a selection of Britain’s fine craft exhibits and workshops.  Visits can be made to the Craft Market at Covent Garden where craftsmen will be at work; Manors and Houses to view important collections.  Demonstrations in painting, pottery and lacemaking can be arranged.  The range is endless and whatever your interests, you will find it with Tailor-Made Tours.  

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