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Travel experiences focused around people’s hobbies and interests.

Travel Experiences: 

Tailor-Made Tours was founded on the deep routed belief that the discovery of talents and new interests also sees the discovery of new friends and the forging of new relationships. Therefore, in providing a huge range of Hobby and Interest programmes, we are proud of our role in connecting people from both local and far reaching communities. These programmes are about enjoying what you do with like-minded people.  It is said that you make more friends by becoming genuinely interested in other people.

Don't Forget:

With our tours fellow travellers are genuinely interested in each other.  This means that they make a greater effort to know more about their shared interests, making for a more pleasant, incredible experience and in turn making people feel valued.  Age is not a boundary; you might be young, middle-aged or retired, lost a partner or divorced and are now looking to make new friends, with someone who shares a hobby or interest just like you.


OUR TIP:  Create and Design your own bespoke tour! Share with us an interest of yours and we will link you with other like minded interested people.  Tailor-Made Tours is at your service to take you wherever you want to go. 

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Hobbies and interests:  

Hobbies and interests bring different people together. However many of us let go of our interests and hobbies to meet the daily demands of life. Life is about being happy, about being able to enjoy what you do, and there are many things that people enjoy doing.


Our commitment to linking  people has meant that we offer an incredibly diverse range of Hobby and Special Interest activities encompassing:

  • Outdoor/ Nature discovery packages

  • Creativity workshops

  • Sports and Adventure packages

  • Mind and Health experiences

  • Technology and computing packages

  • Hobbyist and Collecting workshops


Operating in this industry for over 25 years has meant that we have built relationships with some of the most enthusiastic Hobbyist providers as well as some of the most dedicated men and women in their respective fields. Most importantly we ensure that all of your time and energy is spent on enjoying your hobbies and not on worrying about how you can make it happen. We’ll make it happen.

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